Road Protection Signal

Signing the way

Protection signals for the road within SPC-901 have been designed with clear objectives: reducing consumption as much as possible and improve the previous technology. For this, it includes the latest technology, achieving a new and robust product.

ICF is a dynamic international company so all its products meet these same characteristics. The road protection signals for the SPC-901 meet the same premises and always adapt to customer needs in terms of both form and functionality.

Numerous Configurations & Shapes


LED ultrabright


The control of these signals takes place from the SPN-901 protection module, which securely manages both the control of power and confirmation of activation.

Like the other products, the information is transmitted in real-time to the Recording Module SPN-904, which will inform of any possible merger or failure that may arise.

Prepared for all installations

Compliant with all global administrations technical specifications


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