Other Products

Control Panels

Manual Local Control MLC-900 is the perfect complement for any Safety Equipment. This element manages the interaction between the operator and the system in a way intuitive, easy and error free.

The interactions of its components are performed through security inputs and outputs so its proper operation and status is always guaranteed.

The MLC-900, like all elements developed by ICF, is completely customizable according to the needs of the customer, being a complex product limited only by the imagination of the customer.

Remote Controls

The radio communication system developed by ICF provides a solution for distant elements remote control or difficult to access.

The intrinsic difficulties of switch points away from the stations, remote railway signals or motor control, are mitigated by the use of remote controls.

Remote control for interlockings

This radio remote control system allows the staff remotely manage the existing interlocking of a marshalling yard.

The Remote Control System for Interlocks designed by ICF facilitate the realization of the maneuvers to the staff which is responsible for it. May accompany the maneuver while sending via radio from the mobile device, from the yard, requests to the interlocking to establish an itinerary.

The remote control is a portable equipment “mirror” with a schematic representation of the railroad yard, allowing the wireless management of the interlocking.

Centralization of switch motors control

By centralizing control of motors, can operate wirelessly on switch motors under a local maneuvers. Thus, accompanying staff of the maneuvers can streamline operations.

The mobile equipment is lightweight, robust and easy to use with a schematic representation of the railroad yard, which facilitates the ongoing management of switch points movements to get the final route. This machine will send, via radio, orders to different cabinets, receiving orders and manage the movement of the switch motors.

Centralized maintenance

ICF offers the ability to centralize information from any railroad installed equipment by his Centralized Maintenance System.

The information transmitted by the equipment is stored in high availability servers that manage and analyze all information received, generate reports and alarms notification. Alarms can be reported in multiple ways, via web, email, or by sending SMS. All information is available through web page with secure communications (HTTPS) which facilitates its accessibility from any device with Web browser, PC, Mac, PDA, SmartPhone, etc.

Finally, a complete system of periodic reports, generated in PDF, including listings, summary alarms, graphs, statistics and maintenance parameters defines the Centralized Maintenance Platform developed by ICF.