Level Crossing Protection System

The Future Railway Protection

Protection systems for level crossings for the protection of road traffic when they are located at an intersection at the same level as the railway. Therefore, the Public Administration regulates the characteristics which have different kinds of protections.

According to these needs, the ICF has developed a system which is completely flexible, modular and dynamic which is capable of satisfying any customer need.

The SPN-900 system includes all the elements necessary (sensors, traffic lights, bells, etc) for a level crossing and is a product able to be configured which solves the various issues and particularities that may arise.

Safety Integrity Level SIL-4

Photovoltaic Supply

Radio / Wire Communication

Real Time Maintenance

The SPN-900 protection system for level crossings is the most advanced protection system for level crossings available in the global market. It works with clean energy, is 100% reusable and environmentally friendly. The system can run on either cable or radio; with the general electricity network or with solar power. Novel improvements which reduce general installation and maintenance costs exponentially.

Smart Decisions

SPN-900 is saving

Overall Costs
Times of work


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