Central Events Monitoring System

Absolute control of all your installations

The Central Events Monitoring System SCSE-900 has been developed entirely by ICF with a clear objective, to monitor in real-time the status of facilities to organise and optimise maintenance.


The SCSE-900 system allows the configuration of configurable alarms which allow monitoring in real time of any parameter of the installation.
We can sort alarms by importance, determining how we wish to receive notice of this: email, message, etc.


The SCSE-900 System facilitates the maintenance of facilities to insurmountable limits. .
With the SCSE-900 system, different maintenance equipment may be operated by line, location or any other method of organisation. It improves and facilitates both corrective and preventive maintenance.


The SCSE-900 system allows the display of the real-time status of the level crossing, so we have an overview of its operation at all times.
Sort, order, position, anything is possible to facilitate monitoring and maintenance.

Real Time Monitoring

The latest innovations to optimize maintenance


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