Axle Detector Treadle

Accuracy and experience

The SDE-900 Axle Detector Treadle consists of a sensor located in the lane that detects the passage of the train wheel. This sensor is formed by a series of coils with 2oo3 architecture creating an electromagnetic field which is modified by the passing train wheel. Depending on the direction of the train’s passage, the order of modification of the different electromagnetic fields vary, which can detect the direction of the passing train.

The SDE-900 can develop different functions depending on whether the need. Its ability to detect axes and measure speed safely, can not only be used in level crossings but also allows in systems that require maximum reliability and precision such as the AC-900 Axle Counter system.

Triple Sensor

Up to
400 km/h

Installation without drills


Its easy installation and maintenance not only facilitates its initial installation but also its maintenance. Installing the SDE-900 does not need either drilling or adjustment by the installer (it is self-adjusting) and it can be removed/mounted in less than a minute, resulting in a huge reduction in total working time.

Reliability and availability

The perfect complement to the most demanding installations


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