Axle Counter System

Robustness and Precision available for everyone

The Axle Counter technology from ICF has SIL4 certification. Relying on SDE-900 Axle Sensor Detectors, the Axle Counter AC-900 system meets all the latest international specifications and allows multiples configuration and unparalleled dynamism.

The ability to connect up to eight SDE-900 modules to the same wire reduces the costs drastically and ranks it as one of the most competitive systems on the market.

Safety integrity Level SIL-4

Up to 8 sensors in the same wire

Real Time Maintenance

Photovoltaic Supply

The Axle Counter technology developed by ICF in its AC-900 system also has an important application for level crossings. When the state of the installation is not suitable or the required technology demands precision, in terms of functionality and operation, we introduce the Axle Counter SPN-918 module.

Infinite possibilities

All possible configurations


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