The Future Level Crossing Protection


In the SPN-900 communications between the various cabinets located near the road, railway signals and proximity sensors could be done via wireless radio. Thanks to the protocol implemented by ICF, the communications and the safety are always guaranteed. Learn more about SPN-900



The electronics where designed by low-power specs -nanopower- allowing the whole system be powered by solar panels. The power supply is assured for long time periods in total absence of sunlight thanks to a set of batteries. Learn more about SPN-900




The SPN-900 system has been designed under the requirements of CENELEC EN50126 (RAMS), EN50128, EN50129 for a safety integrity level 4 -SIL 4-. Its versatility makes the implementation of any required functional configuration, from ERTMS level 1 and 2 to relations with interlockings. Learn more about SPN-900



The SPN-900 has a complete system of local and remote monitoring via GPRS/3G/UMTS, which enables monitoring over 500 parameter and to set a powerful alarm system. Additionally it allows automatic generation and email delivery of comprehensive reports in PDF. Learn more about SPN-900


Green & sustainable

The need for alternative energy use, minimizing the carbon footprint, the significant increase in the cost of pipes and cable runs, and the need for renewal of the technologies implemented in the systems of level crossing protection traditional ICF has been developing a new standard in the protection of level crossings which includes all the ecological and sustainability needs. Learn more about green and sustainable